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Powering what matters

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Powering what matters

You might not know it, but GS Yuasa batteries power thousands of applications that enable our everyday lives.

Our batteries provide reliable energy behind the scenes to keep your daily life moving. From starting your car to go to the shops, to the GPS signal your sat nav uses to get there. We even support your bank’s IT systems that allow you to pay by card and much more.

Here are a few more examples of some of our favourites…

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is one of the world’s most modern airliners. Its main battery & auxiliary power unit battery are GS Yuasa li-ion modules. Image for illustration purposes only.

City of London

In the Square Mile you are never more than 50 yards away from a GS Yuasa battery. They are used for UPS systems, security, emergency lighting and a whole host of other applications in London’s most recognisable buildings.

Twilight Express

Japan’s premier diesel hybrid locomotive, the Twilight Express, provides passengers with luxury, hotel-like, getaways travelling across the southwest of the country. Using GS Yuasa battery power reduces emissions and provides a silent ride.

Shinkai Submarine

The record for the world’s deepest crewed deep-sea dive is held by the Shinkai 6500 research submersible, which reached an incredible depth of 6,965 meters (22,851 feet). The craft uses GS Yuasa batteries to power its critical systems. Image ©JAMSTEC.

Nightingale Hospitals

GS Yuasa were honoured to be able to contribute to the fight against coronavirus by supplying batteries for UPS power to the NHS Nightingale hospitals and other key medical projects.

Formula 1 champions

Legendary F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Mika Häkkinen were powered to their Formula One championship wins with McLaren by GS Yuasa batteries.

Flight Simulators

GS Yuasa batteries are used in professional flight simulators which support the training and development of pilots for the world’s most renowned airlines.

International Space Station

The ISS is the largest man-made object in space and is inhabited by astronauts from across the globe. During nocturnal periods all its power is provided by GS Yuasa cells.

Mitsubishi H-IIB Rocket

The Japanese built H-IIB rocket is one of the world most reliable delivery systems to blast payloads & vital supplies into orbit. GS Yuasa batteries support the onboard mission critical systems.


Satellites enable our modern world to function. From TV to the internet they are powered by batteries which store to the solar energy they generate. GS Yuasa has over 4mWh of energy storage in space – more than everyone else combined.

Honda Mean Mower

A one-of-a-kind ride on lawn mower, this beast officially holds the record for the world’s fastest mower and can reach 100mph in 6.285 seconds’ flat. It’s top speed is a staggering 116.57mph and it’s starting power is supplied by a GS Yuasa battery.

Zoo enclosures

From outer fencing to keep visitors safe to controlling the ambient temperature, GS Yuasa batteries are used to make the animals feel right at home.

Sheep shearers

One of the less obvious uses for GS Yuasa batteries is powering the nation's sheep shearers as they trim millions of sheep every summer. We also power thousands of miles of electric fencing, and other farmyard machinery.

3,000 Santas

GS Yuasa batteries powered the annual Marlow Santa Fun run in which over 3,000 runners dressed as Santa took part. The batteries power the lighting around the run route, including those in giant inflatable Santas.

Temporary traffic lights

Although not universally popular, temporary traffic lights play a vital role in traffic management when construction is taking place. GS Yuasa batteries power these systems and keep traffic moving even in the most remote locations.

Automated wharfs

The world’s largest automated wharf is in Shanghai. Its automatic guided vehicles use GS Yuasa battery power as the handle freight from thousands of container ships from around the world.

e-Oshima electric ferry

The world's first electric ferry is powered entirely by GS Yuasa. The batteries not only propel the ship, they also support communication, navigation and other systems. The 35-metre vessel carries cars, buses and passengers.