GS Yuasa batteries

Powering your Christmas

GS Yuasa – Powering your Christmas

Bright twinkling lights, laughter echoing across rooms, and magical memories being forged – Christmas is here! The unsung hero? GS Yuasa batteries, working hard behind the scenes to ensure every extra special moment is possible.

 The heartbeat of your festive celebrations

 You might not realise it, but it is GS Yuasa’s dependable energy that powers thousands of applications which enable every aspect of Christmas, and indeed, our daily lives. These include:

🚗 Driving home for Christmas

As you set off on frosty roads, our batteries ensure a smooth journey in cars, buses, trains, boats and even planes.

📞 Connecting hearts across miles

We’re there, supporting the telecoms letting you see and hear the cherished voices of distant family and friends.

🎁 Ensuring timely gift deliveries

Those presents under the tree that Santa didn’t bring? Our batteries power the forklifts, warehouse, logistics infrastructure, HGVs and couriers that bring them to your door.

💳 Facilitating merry transactions

Every swipe, every transaction – our batteries back up and enable the bank IT systems making them possible.


It is even rumoured that GS Yuasa batteries power a very special person’s reindeer on Christmas Eve… but we couldn’t possibly comment!

GS Yuasa’s legacy of quality

With over 125 years of battery development and innovation, GS Yuasa is synonymous with trust and quality. Globally celebrated for unparalleled reliability and performance, our VRLA and lithium-ion batteries – be it for vehicle or industrial applications – are backed by advanced technology and rigorous testing. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, ensuring that every battery we manufacture is not just a product but a promise of sustained energy, durability, and peace of mind for years to come.