Welcome to our new home at Ignition Park, our new home

Officially opened in September 2023, our new purpose-built 178,500 sq ft. facility has become the headquarters for GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd. as well as the sales and distribution centre for GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd.

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd.

Overseeing six GS Yuasa sales companies and a manufacturing plant across Europe, GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd.’s operations are based at the site. These support our individual sales and distribution centres in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Sweden and UK factory.

GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd.

Ignition Park is also home to GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK Ltd. Orders for the company’s markets, including the UK and Ireland, are picked and shipped from the state-of-the-art facility. Their dedicated teams, including customer service, technical, finance and marketing are all based on the site.

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The development journey of Ignition Park

February 2022 – Construction begins

May 2022 – Inner structure and roof is assembled

July 2022 – Exterior cladding is attached

November 2022 – Office and warehouse areas get furnished

February 2023 – Warehouse racking installed

April 2023 – Building signage gets installed and office areas are fitted

June 2023 – First orders are shipped from 8 Ignition Park


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