The GS Yuasa 2 Volt Traction Range

With long service life, improved charging times and enhanced safety features, GS Yuasa Traction batteries are proven to offer the perfect, low energy cost solution for electric motive power. They are available in a range of standard BS and DIN sizes and the preferred choice of manufacturers and service engineers.

Innovative solutions

  • Long service life with exceptional levels of cyclic endurance provides a cost-effective solution
  • Low maintenance with minimal water consumption reduces the frequency topping up is required
  • Robust construction with leak resistant terminals and dip coated tray provides exceptional durability in high use applications
  • Fast charging for less downtime, lower energy costs and power consumption
  • Eco friendly by design – fully recyclable and considerably reduced CO2 emissions (when compared to diesel)

Proven power for a wide range of applications

  • Forklift trucks
  • Pallet truck
  • Stackers and lifters
  • Order pickers
  • Cleaning vehicles
  • Belt conveyors
  • Electric and hybrid boats
  • Automatic guided vehicles (AGV’s)
  • Aisle trucks
  • Ground support
  • Other electric vehicles

The range


60 Ah

80 Ah

90 Ah

105 Ah

115 Ah

125 Ah

140 Ah

155 Ah


55 Ah

65 Ah

75 Ah

85 Ah

100 Ah

Full product range listing & technical information

For full details of our range, including technical specifications, product listings, performance data and care and maintenance guides download our full GS Yuasa Traction brochure.

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Aquamatic system

Our optional aquamatic top-up system is a battery water filling system that reduces service costs by replacing the need to manually fill traction cells. When installed, water flows through tubes which are connected to the battery’s aquamatic plugs in series. Built in floats stop the water flow when the electrolyte reaches the correct level preventing overfilling, spillage or underfilling.


  • Quick, safe and clean refilling
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Faster filling times
  • Safer – preventing overfilling and acid splash
  • Controlled maintenance ensures maximum battery life
  • Saves water by minimising loss
  • Reduces the contamination risk associated with manual filling

Air-Mix system

By pumping air into the base of a cell, our optional Air-Mix system enhances electrolyte mixing reducing the risk of stratification and premature battery failure. The system also aids cell cooling during charging, which helps to reduce charging times.


  • Up to 20% less energy consumption during charging
  • Up to 30% faster charge time
  • Significantly reduces heat during charging to extend battery life

The GS Yuasa Difference

Award-winning products & service

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service, year-round availability and high quality products. Over recent years, GS Yuasa has been recognised withseveral prestigious awards including Supplier of the Year from the IAAF.

Innovation & technology

We invest heavily in research, development and product testing to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the market place and the next generation of vehicles.

UK based technical support team

With a dedicated team of specialist engineers and technicians, GS Yuasa’s technical department provide support and advice to thousands of users each year. The team handle technical enquiries at all levels and
can be contacted on +44 (0)1793 833555 or

Sponsorship & advertising

Yuasa and GS Yuasa are both well recognised brands on the market. We’re proud of our high-profile sponsorship programme which includes world famous motorsport teams, football, rugby and cricket, plus targeted year-round advertising.

Nationwide scrap collection service

We are dedicated to caring for the environment and offer a comprehensive scrap collection service. Our easy-to-use solution not only collects and recycles waste batteries but also provides businesses with additional revenue.

Quality guaranteed

Our customers can be confident that we have the tools in place to ensure customer satisfaction in products, supply and service. We use the internationally recognised quality management system ISO 9001 to provide our framework.

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